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Her is She.. She is You…

Whats Wrong with me
Whats this burning feel inside
why do i care about nothing
and just wanna be your side

Why the hours of talking never get me tired
and whatever you say seems so cool
how the hell have you got me so wired
amd why i feel like nothing but a fool

My whole day goes filled by your thoughts
or just staring at my phone screen..
Just thinking, if its the right time to call..
and thinking if i continue, would i fall?

Why is your laugh is all that i wanna…
why your eyes.. all i wanna stare..
Why is all the time.. I miss you..
why does this seems.. not fair..

I joke around with her all the time..
every word she says to me, seems kind..
If I get a change again, for someone to make mine..
Would she be the girl, that’ll come to my mind?

We have loads of similarities..
but keeping all that aside..
why I wish fo nothing else..?
but just her to stand by my side..

No hugs..No Kisses..
No holding hands.. No wishes..
just standing by my side.. is all I need ..
And only half of for what i would plead..!



I am just a software enthusiast, doing mechanical engineering from a government college, I love to write about things that intrigue which is mostly everything. I like to read a lot and game a lot. I like discussing about anything that interests a person, either me or the one im talking to as there is nothing more amazing than talking to a person who is excited and sharing something that makes them feel good.

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