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I Don’t Wanna Sleep..

I don’t wanna sleep
no more wanna dwell in my dreams
no more i wanna see myself in your embrace
or just in intervals kiss your beautiful face
i don’t wanna dream of those starry nights
you’re on those dim lights
i don’t wanna dream of holding your mine..
or just walking every day by your side
i don’t wanna sleep..
no more wanna dwell in my dreams
i don’t wanna think…how I’ll show you the ring..
or nor the song on the anniversary I’ll have to sing..
i don’t wanna think of picking you up
or just every morning..sharing a coffee cup
I don’t wanna remember all those memories we have..
or the times we were together which seemed like a time lapse
i don’t wanna know what you want from me
do you wanna be my side or just be free
i don’t wanna sleep..
no more wanna dwell in my dreams
cause all my dreams were a lie..
and my reality is breaking down..
what i only know is that you’re my life..
but all I do is make you frown ☺
so I’m gonna go on this path I never chose
the path i rejected.. even when all doors seemed to close 😌
I’m not talking about death..I have to promise to keep
but honestly.. I still wish that you’ll rescue me..n put me to sleep ☺
you’ll give me back my dreams..all those starry nights..
all those things coming reality.. all those joyful moments and those fights ☺
but my wishes never come true..for me..
i you.. will never be free 😌
cause i do wanna go to sleep
n every night just dwell in my dreams ☺
but it’s only when you’re by my side
i have to strength..and will..but only when you’re mine 😂
without I’m nothing..just an empty box…
you were putting things in me..i thought i had forever lost
you gave me the smile i wear on my face
you’re the only thing..that gives my life a thrilling taste 😌
you were my reason to stand tall ☺
you will be the only one.. no matter how times i meet..the one for who I’ll fall ..
every time in your embrace the shadow of your smile..
i maybe self obsessed but all I need is you..when you’re mine 😌☺
I know it’s just a tag..or just a society trend
but with you it’ll feel empty n uneasy..if we r just friends 😌
i don’t mean to scare you..or change the path you’re walking on.. ☺
i just I’ll be able to be your companion on that path..on a beautiful dawn 😌
see..i maybe a good writer…or have loads of other skills 😘
but the pain inside me is something only your aura kills 😘
I don’t wanna ever leave matter what never leave your side. m
but what if I’m just saying never felt..that you were mine? ☺
i don’t wanna sleep..
no more wanna dwell in my dreams
cause the thought of you being with someone else scares me
I don’t know what to do.. so I’ll let you free ☺
I’ll bear everything in my heart..and always stand with a smile
cause it’s my only souvenir when i was with you..
the smile u gave me..when you were mine 😘
i know you love my poems…i thought they would melt your heart😘
but that’s not the problem.. it’s the growing around it..around it’s every part
I’m not a rock climber or a breaker so strong..
so all I’m doing is sit outside.. for a time so long..
and all i do is mutter all the time..trying make you feel good ☺
but the happiness i give you is nothing.. cause what’s more exciting is restaurant’s food 😌
so I’ll still sit there…on the outskirts of your heart😌
cause it maybe insignificant for you..for me it’s be your part
i don’t where to stop or when to calm down ☺
so I’ll leave tomorrow after a talk…before all your left with is a frown 😂
you know already..but I’ll tell you that you can stop me ☺
but seriously if you don’t feel it..just let me free ☺
cause there will be another guy who’ll say the same words as mine 😘
n you’ll be happiest just by his words..when he says.. you’re mine 😊



I am just a software enthusiast, doing mechanical engineering from a government college, I love to write about things that intrigue which is mostly everything. I like to read a lot and game a lot. I like discussing about anything that interests a person, either me or the one im talking to as there is nothing more amazing than talking to a person who is excited and sharing something that makes them feel good.

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