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I’m Laughing on the outside,
My smile is just skin deep,
If you could see inside, I am crying,
You May Join me for a Weep.

The Truth inside these dim eyes,
And the pain inside the heart
The Lie these words & smile show
And the door towards my soul, still shut.

My Life has now no path to go,
And the path is not all that’s gone,
These eyes have forgotten the ray of hope,
This heart has lost strength for Faith,
The Day is now too weak for courage,
The Lies and Fakes are all that’s left.

The Will to live has been lost in time,
The will to survive been too, lost behind,
But the pain I held, is not to bed shared,
Here’s nothing inside be cared.



I am just a software enthusiast, doing mechanical engineering from a government college, I love to write about things that intrigue which is mostly everything. I like to read a lot and game a lot. I like discussing about anything that interests a person, either me or the one im talking to as there is nothing more amazing than talking to a person who is excited and sharing something that makes them feel good.

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