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Since we have been born, we have been taught.. First it was to say simple words like mommy daddy, identify relatives and understand what is harmful for us and what is edible.. We learn by looking and watching our parents.. We do what they do we teach ourselves by example.. From just simple words we started learning alphabets.. Then more complex words sentences and it continued.. Time passed by instantly.. We started learning by our own example.. By making mistakes we corrected them. We find new ways to make things better for ourselves and it went  on for quite a long time. 

I’m a normal teenager, brought up by an awesome couple 👫, but somewhere things got wrong. My parents have an unbreakable faith in god, they care about society and want me to have a career with lots and loads of money and yeah last but not the least have a happy and fulfilled life. 

I.. Don’t care about any of those.. I did learn from them.. And I know the importance of all of them, it’s just.. Somewhere along the way, i wanted to do things my own way.. It’s probably the worst way possible but I’m gonna do it like that anyway.. I don’t believe in God, not cause i hate it, my logic suggests otherwise.. I respect religion as a way to have solid faith in something, to guide them through life and all of its shortcomings.. I.. Don’t wanna hold onto anything to stand again.. I wanna walk on my own on my own two feet and reach my goal whatever it will be.. I am stupid and weird but I know, I’ll have to do this alone.. I don’t wanna have anyone lookin out for me or even believe in that.. I wanna fight with my own two stands and if I want to look forward to anything I’ll look forward to my next step and if I’ll have to pray.. I’ll pray to the future and my own self to be strong and to survive through this :). 

I don’t care about society, Society is nothing but a fear of staining our reputation in front of others.. A reputation that will be built and destroyed thousands or even millions of time in your lifetime to excuse everything with how would people think? What would society say? What will the world think? I don’t care about anyone who has such short scope of life, and I would really like it if they don’t care about me either, the world is selfish, with every action having a predetermined idea or plan. And I don’t want to be part of that world, it’s so easy being straightforward and open, it won’t matter how it goes, if anyone you have a relation doesn’t accept you for what you really are why pretend and be anything less. 

I will have to a career to survive in this money minded world.. But i have no idea on why I don’t care about money.. Money is good, you can buy a lot of things with money, mostly everything now but still as everyone knows, money can’t buy everything… Money can’t buy you true love, which I am on a journey to find.. It can’t buy you appreciation, which you get through hardwork and doing some good, and so many other things.. So what I want in life is.. Power :p, it sounds weird.. But think.. Money can’t buy you power. Yes every thing is corrupt now a days and you could be at the highest post possible with just money. But that doesn’t give you power.. It gives you authority.. If you ever go through history of any place.. People with authority don’t always make history, but people with power.. No matter where they are will. Make their own history.. Mahatma Gandhi had power, he had no money or authority but power and he played a huge role in Independence of India, but power isn’t always good, hitler had power, he used in his own way right by his own perspective, he made Germany a superpaower.. Stalin had power.. And so many examples.. Obama has power, Vladimir Putin had power, they will change the world for better or for the worse, it may be on a very small scale or change the landscape of the world. I want power, idk how much or how less, but I want power. That’s all my goal is no matter where it is, that’s where I’ll be satisfied. 

This is what I learnt from all the experiences in my life, all my mistakes and all my shortcomings and choices have brought me to this decision, and nothing is gonna chage that. What was your drastic learning experience? Your decision for life? 🙂 😛




I am just a software enthusiast, doing mechanical engineering from a government college, I love to write about things that intrigue which is mostly everything. I like to read a lot and game a lot. I like discussing about anything that interests a person, either me or the one im talking to as there is nothing more amazing than talking to a person who is excited and sharing something that makes them feel good.

5 thoughts on “Learning 

  1. This is soo true .. I think almost everyone can connect to it !! you have a way of putting across your idea and enforcing them in others and i envy you of that ! 🙂

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  2. You have always persuaded me to be optimistic in my life. So just work hard and pave your way. Sky is your limit but do act on it. You easily get engaged into your distractions and stop studying altogether🙄🙄 Don’t do that

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