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So Obvious. 

Everybody, at some point in their life would underestimate themselves, like they are not good enough or don’t have the same level of expertise as some other individual, underestimate ourselves thinking we don’t have the same resources as some other being. We are scared to rise above our own limitations not cause we are not strong enough or can’t improve further, cause we are noobs and we think we have a limit. 

Think about it for a second, a blind person can paint, a deaf person can compose music and even dance to it, a mute person can move and revolutionize entire nations with his words, an illiterate person can move crowds by his aura and speech, a disabled person can prove to be more able than any normal individual.. It’s not how we are currently or what we lack or have excess of.. If a blind person decides not to see, we will say yeah, it’s obvious that he doesn’t cause he is blind, he can’t see… But he can.. Not in the same way as us we see colors, we see the light.. He would feel the wind, the change in temperature, the slight change in the air would be his sight and he’ll be much better for us.. Like it’s obvious obvious that a deaf person can’t dance to music as he can’t hear it, but at the same time some guy who is deaf is dancing to that same music, feeling the beats, making his own little music in his mind. There are so many vaguely obvious things in the world that are broken through shear will alone, a disabled person can run a marathon or someone who doesn’t have arms can write and even paint beautifully. It’s so Obvious and so easy for them to be otherwise, be always lacked and stay how normally they should be.. Then what’s so different? 

Mindset. Human are awesome creatures and we underestimate us greatly, if we lack somewhere, anywhere our mind would automatically uses the time and energy that would have been spent on what we lack to somewhere else, improving it to a greater deal than normal, like our five senses, if anyone of them doesn’t work, our mind will strengthen the other  four greatly, now as our mind takes so much effort to make the best of what we are currently.. Cant we just make the most of us what it does for us? It’s said..when one door closes another opens simultaneously, so why do we spend time and energy looking at the closed one? Why are we so concentrated on what we lack? We could just turn around, look at all those gates still open for us and explore new worlds, new memories and meet new people maybe along the way you can find a talent that you never believed you could have, our improve on what you already love. There is nothing more powerful than a human mind, and there is nothing that can stop you just your own mind. Change your mindset, try things a little differently and see the world can be so amazing and so crazy at the same time.  🙂 




I am just a software enthusiast, doing mechanical engineering from a government college, I love to write about things that intrigue which is mostly everything. I like to read a lot and game a lot. I like discussing about anything that interests a person, either me or the one im talking to as there is nothing more amazing than talking to a person who is excited and sharing something that makes them feel good.

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