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What’s considered immoral or wicked?

Is it the same a person chooses right or wrong? based on his own perspective, or there is a standard for it?

Are mean words or curses always immoral? But, everywhere around the globe, the stronger the bond between two people, the more they curse each other, the more open they are.. So are curses immoral/wicked or sweet?

As a crime, why do we consider pornography, prostitution and drugs to be immoral? Nobody defined it as immoral, so why is it considered that? Is it cause of our society, how it has built up since the advent, the short minded orthodox thinking or cause it of our perception of things, which are influenced by how the society reacts to some things? If society developed in a way, that it considered sports immoral, like football or cricket or hockey.. would we avoid it like these? or avoid the people that do this?

I like nearly so many people, have lived in a protection of four walls, that covered us and protected us from everyone else, and hence.. I.. dont understand society? or its norms or rules, on how should I behave when  I am outside, when Should I not..It feels all stupid.

See.. There is an island on Earth, where everyone roams around nude, totally  naked, no clothes, and the first thought is like.. cause they are ancient old people, they dont know the concept of clothes or something.. but they do and yet they refuse to accept it, the temperature is moderate, the air is always good.. why should they wear clothes, they feel free without it, no synthetic binding your movements. and if you go there, you wont see any guy leeching at other girls, taking pictures or even staring.. you wont even see girls talking in code words and checking guys out.. they dont live like that. they live based on experience, and as everything physical is out in the open, they only communicate mentally or even interact. Doesnt this mean they are more advanced than we urban people are?

We are pretty strong, there is nothing more powerful than a human mind on Earth. With just a simple mind, you can achieve a revolution, discover new science, and explore different Earth, which you have never even imagined in your life, Planets more beautiful than any you have ever seen. Millions of kilometers long clouds of Alcohol, planets made of ice, gold, diamond.. Storms larger than earth itself, Cluster of stars that look like a dream come true. We are too narrow-minded, only looking at whats infront of us, and whos looking at us, thats how everyone is right now.

Just for one second, at night just sit down, take a deep breath and search the cosmos or the universe and just look.. all the galaxies there are, the clusters, different planets, the satellites, we are too small compared to the universe, and yet we can roam it all…..

Be free from the cages of your own mind, find something out of that frame, whatever it is.. Love what you are and what you do, and be whatever you want to be, the only thing stopping you is your own mind, it wont be easy, but its not difficult..dont segregate things into immoral or moral, wicked or sweet.. dont think so much about division, cause whats moral for you would be immoral for someone else, and the list goes on. Grow out of your own limits and become something new.





I am just a software enthusiast, doing mechanical engineering from a government college, I love to write about things that intrigue which is mostly everything. I like to read a lot and game a lot. I like discussing about anything that interests a person, either me or the one im talking to as there is nothing more amazing than talking to a person who is excited and sharing something that makes them feel good.

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