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Two Twinkling Eyes..

Do you have demons inside of you?
like.. really scary demons? a dark side etc? I guess everyone has those nowadays.. I do too.. ofc.. I think I am as messed up as people can be..
my demon is faceless and has no physical characteristics of sorts..
it just.. sits in a corner and watches me.. i dont always feel it.. im usually awesome.. and other time to depressed to notice it..
but then.. once in a while its darker.. insecurities.. and regret.. anxieties.. so many things.. that dont make u depressed but dont make your life peaceful in any way either..and in those times.. i can see it.. two twinkling eyes.. in a corner..
I dont know if its a corner or a circle or a wall its supporting itself on.. its too dark.. but I could see it.. looking at me.. and heck yea.. its smiling at me.. that smirk.. i can see it too well.
I dont like.. showing my demons to anyone.. its not like me? idk.. im scared… im pretty awesome being me in control, if i let go.. ill probs lose everyone i have ever known.. if i spoke up, ill lose everything.. and that demon will just make it worse.. its .. like a well of thoughts? you know.. those bad thoughts u bury and bury and bury cause if u say it someone will get hurt or their night will ruin? or like.. its too mean or too rude or it can destroy that person or even.. like a few instances which make u too sad or insecure.. or remorse.. anything.. u bury the worst of them there, while u can bear the rest and forget about the worst..
I think.. all those thoughts.. i kept buried in me for so long.. gained like a personality? i dont know…. something is horribly wrong with me.
but that personality is scary.. its … bad and ruthless ill say…. idk
I know for one thing.. that if i show it to anyone i know today.. theyll run away from me 🙂 and.. those twinkling eyes.. will take over me.
I am going through it right now….. those demons are.. there.. waiting… idk what to do.. I have people to talk to.. idk how to talk to them.. where to start.. idk if ill be able to stop haha….im.. weird..
thanks.. anyway..whoever wasted their time reading this..




I am just a software enthusiast, doing mechanical engineering from a government college, I love to write about things that intrigue which is mostly everything. I like to read a lot and game a lot. I like discussing about anything that interests a person, either me or the one im talking to as there is nothing more amazing than talking to a person who is excited and sharing something that makes them feel good.

One thought on “Two Twinkling Eyes..

  1. I have demons too .. and i love them because they are a part of me now .. we feel the same thing , want the same thing and fight the same battles ..demons are pretty good advisors actually .. and anyway i myself am a demon

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