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Light brown eyes,

Two slender arms..

Asleep in front of me

She looks so calm.


She doesn’t snore,

She isn’t making a sound.

Holding her body close to her,

She is heaven bound.


She makes cute faces,

She has a funny smile,

Like an angel on the Earth,

She has totally invaded our mind.


She is like a hyperactive kid,

But she doesn’t keep that to herself..

She interacts with everyone, and makes them active,

And within an instant, goes straight to bed.


She’s lived her for a couple of days..

And has actually irritated us beyond belief.

Still, it’s the kind of irritation you can bear for a lifetime..

Maybe a few days more, and we will never want her to leave.


Holding her own space, in this house of mine..

Maybe calling her here, was a stupid crime

Cause the more she stays, the more im afraid that she’ll have to go,

Would we just simply miss her, just simply feel low?

Or would she take us a precious part of us with her,

And we could feel complete when she is with us too J

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Open Cage.

A torn paper here,
a torn paper there,
I had Erased all the contents,
Erased, but overflowing with fear..

I held my pen again
to finally write it down..
And as soon as I started etching.
I felt a stingy pain..
holding my hands down.

Surrounded by walls on all sides.
with barbed wire covering all its face..
I yearned for the outside..
but felt protected here.. in this “OPEN CAGE”

I was flustered, I had too much on my mind..
I wanted to break free from these binds..
but too scared of what I’ll find..
Will I jeopardize my whole future?
or Be strong enough to make history?
This cage wasnt stopping me from going..
It was just me..
Holding onto it… tight..

I was already hurt, didnt wanna hurt more..
I knew if I forced myself out..
these barbed wire wont feel like anything..
I was just scared of a world of hurt..
waiting for me outside..

I knew, I was standing on the edge..
there was an endless abyss beneath..
and an infinite unknown above my sight..
I know, if I let go of the cage..
I will fall down for sure..
I reminiscent, I then gave it a thought… I rethought..
And then finally made up my mind..

I wasnt gonna fall down..
I am not gonna let go..
But.. Today I am gonna break free.
and flap my wings once more..

I knew, I was still weak..
I still had no idea to fly..
But, I wont give in to my fears..
I am gonna sit in the cage..alone and cry

I am gonna soar through the skies..
feel the wind, rustling through my hair..
feeling the changing weather..
find the unknown.. I was looking upto
All My Life..!

A big shoutout to Mirageofagirl for that amazing post and allowing me to write a poem on it 😀

and to mirageofagirl : I tried my best :3

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Looking at the window,
Looking at the mirror in the wall,
A glimpse of my reflection,
I stretch my hand to reach it all.

I watch him there, looking at me blank,
the same face, the same eyes,
he was just like me,
He was just a man

I feel his pain, its just like mine,
burdened in the shoulders,
all his troubled entwined..

he was too scared to reach me,
he was too worried about his past,
the future for him was a blank slate,
and all that he knew, is that it was too late.

I looked at him, he stared me back in the eye,
We both stretching our arms, but no contact
I touched the window, it was just a smooth plate,
my reflection was nothing, but just my fate.

I looked at the mirror, the reflection is clear,
Nobody is now reaching, both shivering in fear,
trying to understand, but are scared to come near.

The guy now sits in the corner of the room,
he doesn’t show up on mirror, or windows or walls,
he just hides from the crowd, he hides from his peer,
And he tried to hide everything, from the ones he holds dear,

I try to reach him every night,
every time i close my eyes,
I search for him inside,
to speak to him, one last time.

Its time to come out,
to explore the world in our sights,
and I just hear his breathing,
He gave up without putting a fight.

I walk through the shadows,
there isnt even a speck of light,
I reach out for his hand and hold it,
and say this isnt right.

No more hiding, No more fears,
We fight till we die, till our last breath,
We still are scared to hold someone dear,
but nothing is sure, till our death 🙂


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What do I Mean To You & Why Are You Lucky To Have Me?

If my life was a bird,

You’ll be my wings to fly again.

If I was a disabled man,

You’ll be my support to stand again.

If my life was a song,

You’ll be the notes that people sing again and again.

If my life defined poverty,

You’ll be this poor man’s lottery.


I am not just lucky to have you,

Or a blessed soul to have met you.

You’re like, the cure to my illness,

the energy in my laziness,

The concentration in my carelessness,

And the fun in my seriousness.


You are, whatever you are, youre mine.

Cause without you..

I wont call what I am living,


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Holding your hand

While walking on the road

Taking the long cut

So, we could hold hands for a little while more.

Looking into your eyes

And just staring at your smile.

Making sure, there are no cries,

Just a promise to myself, since I made you mine…

Staring at your lips

To make you realise I wanna kiss

To make you initiate the process

Cause the courage to start it, is what I miss.

Sleeping by your side

On a long-cold night

Getting closer to you, for a cuddle

And trying to make sure, this dream of mine never crumble

To stand by your side

To hold your hand, when you need it, Tight!

To wish you everyday, good morning and good night.

To keep you warm on a cold night.

To stay with you as long as I can

To be with you and be your man

To fulfil all the dream we had, in our mind

And if we run out of it, lets look for more dreams to find.

Lets stay together with hand-in-hand

And no matter what we have to go through

Together we stand

To be by each other’s side, till the end of time

Even after death, I’ll be yours.

And you’ll be mine

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And all of it was a sudden start

Even though my eyes were closed

All they heard, was my scream

When my face, was filled with tears,

All they had, was a big smile

And, all the time it pained like hell

They all thought, I was fine.

Days and months passed by,

I finally opened my eyes.

And, I slowly grew up with time..

Learning to walk, speak and having thought..

Even now, two people never left my side..

Designated as parents, by norms, for life..

And then I started travelling..

Meeting new people in the world outside..

Everything was expected, but still compelling..

As the truth was always hidden, in a sea of lives..

And as expected, I finally fell in love,

Just a teenager, at that time..

And I still believed, that I was hers, and she was mine..

And we were meant to be together for life..

Then reality happened, everything broke apart..

Everyone felt like that one jealous aunty..

I didnt make a sound, but still could hear..

The wailing of my heart.

I grabbed all the pieces, meld them together hard..

Started walking again, but believing was the worst part..

I had no cracks anymore, still it ached like hell..

And even after all that, I never regretted that I fell. ❤

Depression, anxiety and regret knocked on the door.

But i was too weak, I crawled through the floor.

Opened the door, with a big fake smile..

They all laughed and said, YOU ARE MINE.

They fed on me, feeding on everything I had inside.

Corrupting my core, hampering me when I tried.

To get out of this misery, cause it was nothing but a lie.

But they never let me, they had their own pride.

Hopefully, my parents were still by my side.

Even though, they knew nothing about it..

Just looking at them made me smile..

I grew older, the pain passed with time..

It was hard to walk again with the pain..

But I still found strength, in the corners of life

And anytime I felt that I was alone..

I just held my own hand, really tight..

Life was never easy, it was never fair..

But, the only thing I learned was to never care.

Cause remember that you live only once

Its better to be a blessing, than a curse..

Youll always find thorns on the road

People leaving your side.

Remember, you life is in only your hands.

Hear the cheering from the distant lands

Walk through the sorrow.

Cause no matter what, there is a tomorrow

Dont believe in the past, or hope for a better future..

Work on today, cause its your own life, you have to nurture